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How to Create an Event Roster with Crew Management Software

Posted by Gabe Solomon on May 9, 2023 11:00:00 AM

How to Create an Event Roster with Crew Management Software

Producing any event requires extensive planning and preparation. Not only is it necessary to understand the scope of the event and plan it from start to finish, it’s also a requirement to create an event roster with each crew assignment detailed and scheduled to make sure the entire crew knows what’s expected of them.

Here at Mertzcrew, we understand the challenges of event planning. That’s why we have created a software solution that can help you to manage every aspect of hiring and scheduling your freelancers to create events that are entertaining and deliver on your clients’ expectations. Here’s what you need to know about creating an event roster with crew management software.

What is Crew Management Software?

Crew management software is a solution that can help production companies and event planning companies manage the audio visual freelancers they contract to perform specialized work to create memorable events for their clients.

Companies in search of an advanced solution to manage freelance workers, create production event rosters, schedule freelancers, and even budget for freelancers, can benefit from using crew management software.

Mertzcrew provides a complete AV freelance management system that includes a broad array of useful features to help you oversee and manage every aspect of hiring and working with freelancers. You won’t need to juggle multiple spreadsheets or use (and pay for) more than one type of software. You can do everything in one place and from one dashboard.

Our crew management software is based in the cloud, which means you can access information about your freelancers from anywhere in the world and at any time. By keeping all relevant information in one place, you’ll have access to what you need and you’ll spend less time managing freelancers and more time delivering memorable events for your clients.

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Features of Crew Management Software

Crew management software should come with the features that are most useful to you as someone who produces events and needs a way to streamline the process and save time. 

Features may fall into several categories, as follows.

Payroll and Scheduling Features
  • Schedule freelancers’ work on a project
  • Create event rosters
  • Track freelancers’ services
  • Create invoices
  • Pay freelancers
Efficiency Features
  • Onboard new freelancers quickly and easily
  • Maintain a list of skilled audio-visual freelancers that you can access at any time
  • Manage every aspect of contracting and working with freelancers through a single dashboard
  • Create event-crew budgets
  • Run ad hoc reports to help you do a better job of contracting and managing freelancers
Compliance Features
  • Create and manage freelancer contracts
  • Ensure collection of W-9 forms from freelancers
  • Issue 1099 forms to freelancers
  • Acquire and track insurance to protect your company, the freelancers you contract, and your clients

Benefits of Using Crew Management Software

There are several ways that using crew management software can help you do a better and more efficient job of managing freelancers and producing events on behalf of your clients:

  • You can control costs and increase your profits by using a unified and efficient system to manage skilled freelance workers.
  • You’ll save time by using a fast and accurate system to contract and manage freelancers.
  • You’ll avoid compliance errors by using a system like Mertzcrew that can help you create compliant contracts, collect and track insurance information, and even obtain insurance for freelancers who don’t have their own.
  • You can access the information you need to create and plan a new event or to manage an event, from anywhere and at any time.

These benefits make it clear that an investment in crew management software is worthwhile. It can save you hours of time with every event and make the process of hiring skilled AV freelancers easy and stress-free.

What is a Production Event Roster?

A production event roster is like a crew-focused production book.  It is a document that covers every aspect of the crew on your event, including the following:

  • Any crew that is providing services in the days leading up to an event (pre-pro) as well as on the day of the event (load-in set, show, load-out strike).
  • Assignments by specific rooms or in the case of a multi-day event, specific sessions and days.
  • Details of every technical assignment required to make the event run smoothly, including lighting, sound, graphics, video, cameras, teleprompters, and so on.

The scheduling team and event manager work in partnership to put together the event roster with possible help from whoever is running the technical aspects of the event. 

It’s essential to keep the technical crewing requirements of your event front and center when creating your event roster. Your roster should go into more detail as the event approaches.

What to Consider Before Creating a Production Event Roster

Here are some of the things to consider before you create a production event roster:

  1. What technical equipment is involved in producing the event as you envision it?
  2. How many freelancers will you need to make the technical aspects of your event run smoothly?
  3. Who are the skilled freelancers you want to contract for the event?
  4. Which technical elements will be incorporated into each part of the event?
  5. How long will the event be?
  6. Which technical aspects of production need to be set up and prepped ahead of time?
  7. Who will be responsible for setting up video and sound cues?

Asking these questions ahead of time will help you create an accurate event roster that will eliminate guesswork and guarantee that your event runs smoothly.

How Do You Create an Event Roster with Crew Management Software?

Creating an event roster is essential because it’s the one thing that will provide you with a complete crewing overview of your event. It’s common for a production schedule to start with big-picture planning and gradually get more specific and detailed as the event approaches.

Your event roster must be as accurate as possible. Scheduling enough time for pre-pros and rehearsals is just as important as creating a schedule for the event itself. Even a small delay in pre-production can throw the entire event into chaos.

Tips for Creating an Event Roster

Here are some steps to take to create an accurate event roster using crew management software:

  1. Map out the big picture view of your event. Taking a long view of the event can help you identify each aspect of the event, including which rooms you’ll be using and what skills you need AV freelancers to have to make the event a success.
  2. Map out each assignment for the event. After you have an overall plan, it’s time to break it down into individual assignments. This stage of roster creation will also help you to identify which skilled freelancers you’ll need to contract.
  3. Refer to your list of vetted freelancers. Next, you can use your crew management software to refer to your saved list of vetted and experienced freelancers. If you choose software like Mertzcrew, which makes it easy to keep track of favorite freelancers, you can easily find the skilled AV workers you need.
  4. Offer assignments to qualified AV freelancers. Contact the favorite vetted freelancers to check their availability and provide them with the details of the job in question, including dates, hours, rates, and more.
  5. Create freelancer contracts. You can use Mertzcrew to create compliant contracts for every AV freelancer you contract. You can also store signed contracts for easy reference and to minimize confusion.
  6. Collect insurance information or provide insurance. Insurance protects everybody involved in an event, including AV freelancers, your company, and your clients. With Mertzcrew, you can collect and track freelancers’ insurance or we’ll provide the insurance if you contract a freelancer who doesn’t have their own coverage.
  7. Create a detailed schedule for the event. The right crew management software makes it easy to create a detailed event schedule and assign freelancers to wherever they’re needed.
  8. Track services. You can use Mertzcrew to keep track of freelancers’ services and pay them accordingly.

Choosing a crew management system with the right features will help you streamline the creation of your event roster.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways here are that using crew management software can make the process of creating an event roster much easier and less time consuming than it would be if you tried to do it manually.

Every participant in your event can benefit from an accurate event roster, including:

  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Event Producer/Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Event Staff Manager
  • Scheduler

Of course, crew management software also helps your AV freelancers by making it easy for them to communicate, view contracts and invoices, and understand what their responsibilities are. Clarity and communication both help secure your relationships with the best AV freelancers, making it easier for you to secure their services when you need them.

Book Quality AV Freelancers with Mertzcrew

The bottom line is that choosing the right crew management software can help you at every stage of production, from early planning to creating a detailed event roster to ensure that your events run smoothly.

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