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Mertzcrew is the crewing tool that empowers you to book quality AV freelancers on your projects. See if Mertzcrew is right for you.

See If Mertzcrew Is Right For You


Ready to learn more about Mertzcrew? Fill out the Get Started form to have us contact you to schedule a fifteen minute assessment. We'll discuss your needs, what sets Mertzcrew apart, and how Mertzcrew can help you book quality AV freelancers under contracts that are compliant wherever your AV project is taking place.


Mertzcrew Benefits:

  • You choose from thousands of AV freelancers or use a trusted team you've already worked with
  • Freelancer contracts will be compliant in the location(s) in which your event is taking place
  • Freelancer contracts include Workers' Comp & General Liability
  • A Concierge service to help your team get up-to-speed and help manage your AV projects along the way
  • Mertzcrew will handle the administrative details (compliant contracts, Freelancer payments, and processed W9's /1099's)


See the benefits for yourself. Reach out to us today to schedule your brief assessment. We'll get you quickly on the road to booking quality freelancers, reducing administration costs, and executing your best AV projects.


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