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4 Benefits of Freelancer Management Software for Touring

Posted by Gabe Solomon on Feb 20, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In the world of live events, touring presents some special challenges. The ever-changing unique nature of live event touring requires a high level of adaptability. Being flexible both in the planning and execution of concerts is essential to avoid issues that can derail production and lead to disappointment.

At Mertzcrew, we understand that tours are a complex endeavor. Some of the special challenges that can impact the process include last-minute changes, unique location requirements, and ensuring the crew’s agreements and insurance are in place. Unpredictability is unavoidable. That said, the right crew management software can help you contract your crew members, track their work, keep your budget in focus, and much more. 

With all that in mind, here are some of the specific things that freelance management software can do to help with producing concerts, plus five benefits of using freelancer management software for touring..

In What Ways Do Advanced AV Freelancer Tools Redefine Efficiency in Live Event Touring?

Before we get into the specific benefits of using freelancer management software for live event touring, let’s review how the right crew management software can make live events companies more efficient and effective. At Mertzcrew, we can:

  • Help you navigate crew changes during a show or concert tour. Crew changes can happen for a variety of reasons, whether its planned, unplanned or in emergencies.
  • Assist when a US tour turns into an international tour, including simplifying paperwork and complying with international contracts and insurance requirements. 
  • Handle rate changes when AV freelancers are promoted during a tour. 
  • Make payments to crew members on time and without delays or mistakes that can impact crew morale.
  • Assist with risk management by simplifying contracts, insurance, and venue requirements.
  • Adapt concerts to any size venue, from stadiums and small arenas to smaller clubs and local joints.

Using Mertzcrew can help any event producer stay on top of live concert changes, whether they’re related to crew switches, equipment malfunction, or a venue emergency that requires last-minute adaptations.

#1: Adapting to Change with Ease: Flexibility in Live Event Tours

One of the biggest challenges in live event tours is adapting to changing requirements from a client or as a result of unforeseen circumstances or tech emergencies. Without a software solution that allows any live events company to adapt to shifting circumstances, it can be impossible to stay on top of everything.

Mertzcrew supports flexible operations during live events. It’s easy to navigate crew changes and concert date shifts using freelancer management software. Just as important, you can be flexible with facilitating international tours. If a tour’s successful in the United States, Mertzcrew can help you take it to Europe, Asia, and beyond. You’ll have the ability to manage international paperwork and compliance without missing a beat.

#2: Handling Rate and Role Changes Seamlessly

When you’re producing a concert tour, your crew may evolve along the way. Over the course of a six-month concert tour, the roles of AV freelancers may change. Field promotions are common and someone who started in one position could end the tour leading a department.

With changing responsibilities and promotion come real-time changes to their rates, too. With Mertzcrew, it’s easy to update contracts and insurance, change rates, and manage every unique challenge of concert touring agreements with minimal stress.

#3: Efficient Payment Systems for Smooth Operations

When you contract with AV freelancers, part of the process is ensuring that you’ve got a seamless and efficient payment process. The freelancers who work with you are counting on you to pay them in a timely manner. If you fail to do so, you may find it difficult to convince those skilled people to work with you again or to stay on the tour!

With crew management software like Mertzcrew, it’s essential to pay contractors consistently and on time. We make it easy to handle event closing by compiling all service entries into a single invoice for the event. That means you can review everything at once and pay everything at once instead of juggling dozens of invoices from individual contractors. As a result, you’ll have reliable financial management and a streamlined payment processes for freelancers regardless of the concert’s scale or location.

#4: Managing Risks and Limiting Liability

On any concert stage, whether it’s a tiny platform in a small local joint or in a huge arena, there’s risk involved with live events. There are several ways that using freelancer management software can help you mitigate risks and minimize your liability:

When you’re contracting with freelancers, having compliant contracts is essential. Compliance requirements may change based on a concert’s location, venue, and other factors. It gets even more complicated when you have to deal with compliance in different countries, as would be the case with an international tour. Mertzcrew has compliant contracts wherever your concert tour goes.

Production insurance is another issue where using Mertzcrew can help. Concert venues may have their own mandates for insurance to shield themselves from liability, and you’ll need to comply with those. In some cases, you may need to provide proof of insurance for crew members to ensure compliance.

With Mertzcrew, it’s easy to take the guesswork (and the stress) out of compliance. We’ll handle the trickiest parts for you, so that you can focus on delivering a concert event that surpasses your client’s expectations.

Why Is Adaptability Important in the Concert Industry?

Now that you understand the benefits of using freelancer management software for touring, let’s review why we think adaptability is the most important thing if you want to produce concerts your clients will love.

First, concerts may be carefully planned but they’re also unpredictable. That’s the case with any live event. Depending on the venue and other factors, you’ll need to adapt to changing circumstances. The lack of predictability poses a challenge to you as a producer and to your staff and contracted freelancers. The right software can help you improve your agility and rise to any challenge.

The bottom line is that adaptability is the name of the game when it comes to live event touring. If you don’t use software, or choose the wrong software, you may be giving up the flexibility necessary to produce concerts that will wow your clients and the audience.

Freelancer management software is a necessary element in live event tours. As a concert producer, you need the right tools to manage everything from your budget to the concert schedule to freelance contracts and insurance. The five benefits we’ve listed here illustrate how crew management software can help you plan and produce memorable concerts that audiences love.

Do you need robust crew management software to produce live concerts on behalf of your clients? Mertzcrew is the solution you need! Click here to discover how Mertzcrew can revolutionize your concert operations.

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