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Minimize risk, maximize efficiency with Mertzcrew’s freelancer contracting software.

Risk: Are your freelancers compliant with laws and regulations?

Mertzcrew takes care of all freelancer insurance to make sure that they are compliant with all necessary regulations. 
Compliant AV freelancers
Production insurance is driven by the venue for your live event, and liability goes up the ladder. That means your venue can bar you from having contractors onsite who don’t have adequate insurance because it protects them from potential liability. 

Some AV production companies have required freelancers to demonstrate they have their own individual workers’ comp policies for this reason, but it can be tricky to keep track of this. This also means it's the burden of the company to provide the coverage, increasing your risk.

When you partner with Mertzcrew, we’ll handle the details of providing coverage for the freelancers contracted to your project. Book a free demo below for the full scoop.

Risk: Do you have structured and defined contracts?

Mertzcrew contracts reduce your liability of working with freelancers because we ensure that they comply with international, federal, state, and local requirements.
Are your contracts compliant? Do you have clearly defined start and end dates listed?  Are you still using an open-ended “umbrella contract” that is a big red flag for regulators to challenge the validity of your contract?
Mertzcrew makes it easy to trade liability for reliability, allowing you to negotiate and manage freelancer contracts with confidence.  And our software automatically generates 1099s and tracks services so you can easily find past details when planning future events.
When you partner with Mertzcrew, we’ll ensure that the contracts are transparent, compliant, and protect you from liability. Ready to learn more? Book a free demo below!
AV freelancer contracts

Risk: Are your freelancers getting paid on time?

Mertzcrew will manage all administrative duties, including labor expenses, payments, and consolidating your invoices.
Pay AV freelancers
Maintaining an efficient payment process for AV freelancers can be tricky. With all of the moving parts that go into live event production, ensuring that payments are processed correctly and within the negotiated time frame is a potential risk. 

With Mertzcrew, contractor payments are handled automatically on-time without the stress. We make event closing easy and efficient by compiling all services entry in one, easy to review and approve instead of receiving different invoices from different contractors at different times. One simplified invoice per project!

With Mertzcrew, you can be a reliable partner to your AV freelancers with an on-time, efficient payment system that protects you from liability, too. Book a free demo below and experience the difference for yourself.

Everything You Need to Know About Contracting AV Freelancers:


Simplify AV Production Insurance

Instead of trying to track individual freelancers, Mertzcrew gives you the ability to oversee every aspect of your event—including insurance—to free your time for other things. 
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How does event production insurance for AV freelancers work?

Take the Stress Out of Getting Coverage

Employers are legally required to ensure that their employees are covered, but the process is a bit more complicated for event production companies who contract AV freelancers to work events.
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Live event production has risks. We’ve got solutions:



One source to obtain and track production insurance.



Contracts that remove the risk of liability based on technicalities.



Simple, transparent payment negotiation and time tracking.

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