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Mertzcrew update speeds up crew hiring process for AV schedulers

Posted by Wallace Johnson on Oct 26, 2016 2:32:13 PM


Making educated crewing decisions for an AV project takes time and deliberation. Do you have the right employee or skilled freelancers in your network? What was their last project with you? Are they really skilled at what they do? How do you know? There are many boxes to check and verify, and no easy way to do it.


Mertzcrew’s newly introduced ‘Project Name/History’ feature takes the uncertainty out of selecting the right crew members for your projects, speeds up the crewing process, and helps AV schedulers make more educated crew decisions faster.


This update gives AV schedulers the detailed history of an employee or freelancer, ranging from current conflicts to previously worked projects, right at their fingertips. Best of all, this information is automatically tracked in Mertzcrew, with no need for any additional work!


This feature gives schedulers immediate insight into:


  • Project City & State
  • Role / Duties Performed
  • Dates and Duration of Previous or Upcoming Projects


With all of this data centrally located in one system, AV schedulers can use the work history section to:


  1. See who’s available -- if an employee or freelancer has confirmed a Future Project within Mertzcrew, you’ll see which future work dates they’ve accepted by role so you’ll immediately know who’s available and who’s not without the back and forth communications.
  2. Get references -- automatically tracking project history by each crew member saves you time and increases the likelihood of good crewing decisions because you will know specifically which projects to ask your coworkers for hiring feedback on -- based on their past experiences with an individual. This update also shows you whether a freelancer has recently worked with your local team, or with an office at another location, making it the perfect database tool between offices to enable better crewing decisions and feedback.
  3. Gauge experience levels -- the frequency you hire and work with a particular individual is often one of the best indicators of how reliable they are. You can use the information from this new update to see your company’s crewing patterns for each individual, including which roles they’ve been on recently and how involved they were in the project. For example, were they part of the Main Quote or a Breakout room? Were they hired on for a day or two, or for multiple weeks? How many recent jobs have they accepted in the role you’re currently considering them for? All of this information can give you a complete idea of whether or not they’ll be the right fit for your current project.


This update is available with all Mertzcrew plans and is a great supplement to the resume section. While resumes do provide each individual the opportunity to update their profiles, the new work history section is automatic and always accurate so you won’t have to search around to fill in any missing holes of information.


This is just one of the many ways Mertzcrew is tackling the challenges of AV crew management in order to streamline workflows and save AV teams time and money.


What do you think of this new update? Send us your feedback and let us know how this update has contributed to your freelancer hiring workflow, plus what other updates you’d like to see next!



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