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Open Projects for AV Techs

Posted by Gabe Solomon on Jan 10, 2014 5:23:00 PM


Are you looking to get more AV Project work?  Then you may be interested in Open Projects on MertzCrew.  Open Projects are roles on Corporate and Integration projects that are only available to AV technicians who are registered with MertzCrew.  The process works very simply:

  • A MertzCrew client posts what they need for their project
  • Interested techs submit their interest and a proposal for the client’s consideration
  • Clients contact interested AV Techs so they can choose the right person for their project.

MertzCrew clients have successfully used Open Projects to find a variety of technicians all across United States.  Some clients use Open Projects for all of their positions, while other clients use it to fill in remaining positions once their personal Rolodex is exhausted.

ALL of our clients have told us that the technicians who respond the fastest with the best profiles tend to be the techs they choose.

How AV Techs Find Open Projects

There are two ways to learn about Open Projects:

  • Automatic Email notification (Recommended)
  • Visit the Open Projects Page to see the latest postings

We recommend email notification since it is the fastest way for you to know when a position has been posted.  To ensure you are signed up for email notifications, do the following:

  1. Login to app.mertzcrew.com and select “My Profile” from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select “Notification Settings” from beneath the profile picture
  3. Select which notifications you want: All Postings, Primary Role, or Primary & Secondary Role
  4. Select Instantly so you are notified as soon as a position is posted
  5. Don’t forget to SAVE!

When you see the list of Open Projects, you will see what positions  are currently available. Projects are sorted by the most recently posted, not necessarily by project date.  Be sure to read the notes that typically include important technical or payment information.  Also look to see if the position is identified as Local Preferred, meaning travel costs will not be separately covered.


How AV Techs Submit For An Open Projects

When you find an Open Project that you want, select I’m Available and do the following:

  • Enter a 10-hr Rate or Lump Sum proposal that you feel is appropriate
  • Include any notes you feel a client should know when reviewing your proposal
  • Select Able to work local if applicable
  • Click SUBMIT


How AV Techs Are Selected For An Open Projects

The final step is selection.  Clients tell us that they review each tech’s proposal and their MertzCrew profiles very carefully.  They are looking for relevant experience and a reasonable proposal, but we know for certain that clients never settle for the lowest cost proposals.  Typically, they will contact their top 2 or 3 preferred candidates from the proposals to make sure you have the skills they need for their project.  Once the client makes their decision, you will receive an email from MertzCrew letting you know if you’ve been selected or not.

Don’t be discouraged if you are not selected for an Open Project.  There are a lot of different factors that go into selecting a technician for a project and we’re certain that there are many projects where you would be the perfect fit.

So get started today!  Login to update your email preferences and while you’re there, update your profile to make it as strong as it can be!

Good luck!

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