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Mertzcrew Help-Center Solves AV Teams’ Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Wallace Johnson on Nov 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM


While we designed our online, AV Crew Management system to be intuitive and easy to use, we knew that challenges and questions would still come up. When they do, your team needs answers, and fast -- especially when you’re in the midst of coordinating a project on a tight timeline.


We are happy to announce that our recently released Help Center will help you find all of the answers you need so you don’t have to stop working on your projects.


What’s in the Help Center?

The Mertzcrew Help Center was designed to offer you in-depth articles, quick tips, and to share best practices.  Our goal is to ensure you are receiving the most benefit possible when using Mertzcrew, and that you can find the info you need quickly & easily.


In the Help Center, you will find articles and demo videos designed to walk you and your AV team through how to use the Mertzcrew platform. From building a crew to creating schedules, setting mileage rates and more — the Help Center is your team’s centralized portal for answers and solutions.


From the Help Center, you can “Browse” or “Search” through Commonly Asked Questions to solve common blockers, or “Submit a Request” to our support team for more tailored answers to your complex questions and challenges, without ever having to leave our platform or create and send an email.


Additionally, “Recently Viewed Articles” help you keep track of the research you’ve done so far, and “Related Articles” help to fill in the blanks for you by anticipating where your search may lead you next -- providing suggestions as to where your answers may reside.


Where to find it:

When you’re logged in your Mertzcrew account, simply select the “Help” button in the top-right of the menu bar to access your Help Center.


We hope that this new addition will help you get even greater use of our AV crew management solution and allow you to overcome any crew or project management obstacle quickly.


Looking for more features? Visit our blog to follow new updates and send us a message to suggest features you’d love for us to incorporate!



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