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Contracting AV Techs Directly: How to Manage Services Efficiently

Posted by Wallace Johnson on Jan 30, 2017 8:34:00 AM


At Mertzcrew, we’re all about simplicity. Our all-in-one AV crew management platform has given AV companies the ability to centralize project details, services/hours rendered, payments, communications, project updates, and more for both the company’s employees and the freelancers Mertzcrew helps to contract.

Now, by request, the same functions are available for self-insured techs that the company pays directly (outside of Mertzcrew, ie: direct contractors)  -- and they’re simplifying Operations while making the scheduling process more efficient.



What this update means:

  • Removing duplicate work - All logistics and communication is now centralized within Mertzcrew for the employees and contractors on the project. This means email notifications, contact information, schedules, services/hours and more are all centralized within the same system you use to organize the rest of your project workforce.

  • Track all contractor services in one place - You already know how efficient Mertzcrew makes the contracting process for techs that are contracted via Mertzcrew.  But the challenge with techs you contract directly is that you never know when a direct contractor will submit their invoice so you can completely calculate a project’s actual costs. The addition of direct contractors into Mertzcrew helps track actual services/hours so there are no surprises when you receive the contractor’s invoice.

Ready to try this out? Contact wallace@mertzcrew.com to turn on this feature at no additional cost.



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