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Introducing auto-generated crew lists for AV projects

Posted by Wallace Johnson on Nov 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM


It takes a team to complete an AV project, but keeping that team organized can be just as challenging as getting the project done.


Crew lists help us keep an organized list of how to contact crew members, distribute scheduling information, and keep project managers in the loop. Until now, teams have been forced to manually create and share these lists. Of course, this can be a tricky task when crew information isn’t in a single, centralized and accessible location.


But now, auto-generated, downloadable crew list reports by Mertzcrew are just a click away, with all of the detailed info you need.


Auto-generated crew lists have arrived

Mertzcrew’s new crew list report feature allows anyone on your AV team to download a ready-made, formatted Excel spreadsheet detailing out your project’s entire crew roster, location, which roles they’re working, their start and end dates, and contact and travel information.


In this auto-generated report you will find:
  • A full crew list for the entire project,
  • Individual schedules by crew member
  • Crew schedules for each day


What this update means for you:
  • Detailed and complete Excel scheduling spreadsheets at your fingertips. Mertzcrew’s update does this for you (in printable format too!).
  • Instantly communicate crew list changes and updates to keep internal team members in-the-loop. These updates are instantly available to them from their Mertzcrew user account. From there, they can generate their own crew report to view or download.
  • Download and email report to let clients and other staff know who has been assigned to their project.
  • Project managers save time communicating crew schedules. Individual crew schedules are automatically created within the Mertzcrew platform. Crew members can access these schedules, to view or download themselves, from their user account, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Centralized crew list makes it easy to catch scheduling errors.


Along with automatically formatting crew schedules into an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, this update can be used as an internal communication tool. Booking AV techs isn’t always clear cut. Some techs have particular scheduling details that they’ve discussed with your off-site team, which your on-site team may be completely unaware of (such as white gloving the strike).


Mertzcrew’s crew list report makes it easy to list each of these accommodations in the Notes section, so that anyone who is given access to the report, whether by email, print, or via the online system itself, will know which agreements the scheduler and AV tech came to during the hiring process.


What else do you need to know about this update?


What’s your biggest AV crew scheduling challenge? Let us know and it may be the next challenge we tackle!



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